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Jolanta Gradowicz

I’ll tell you a story about a funny, pretty girl.
Her name – Lonnie - was also strange. But listen!
Once she found on the rugged coast a little pearl
That lay close to a lost fluffy black kitten.

Lonnie was not any urchin and was not bad.
She didn’t think the matter over – she was sure
To take the pearl and not to make the kitten sad.
Because our Lonnie’s love to nature was pure.

Lonnie ran quickly across the stony, sandy beach
To show her mum the new precious treasure.
She knew from fairy tales that pearls make rich
And she’d keep the black cat for her own pleasure.

“You’re at last. What do you keep?” - Her mother cries,
Looking at the bundle and her daughter’s little palm -
“Sorry, this is a pearly pebble, but the cat is really nice,
Don’t worry, my child”, but Lonnie didn’t want to be calm.

“Oh, mother, I thought I found a precious thing,
I’d like to be rich like a princess from a fairy tale”
“My dear Lonnie” – said the woman – “I don’t intend to sting
But in life – you’ll find it out - not everything is for sale.”

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