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Admiral Nelsonís Death


Jolanta Gradowicz

Event Reconstruction

Admiral Nelson:

My name is Horatio Nelson. I feel I am dying. My wounds are bleeding. I am losing my strength. Where is Hardy, my friend? I need him. The bullet of a French boy reached me. He might notice the medals glistening on my chest. It is good that no one is lacking here. One of the medals was surely in compensation for the sight in my right eye after the battle at Calvi, and the medal with the blue ribbon Ė for my right arm after the battle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife . The most bloodstained decoration was pinned after the battle of Copenhagen . Then I made fools out of my superiors. They wanted me to cease action, but I would have been the greatest idiot if I had obeyed them! I explained to them that I had put the telescope to my blind eye and that was why I hadnít noticed their orders. Even now I am seeing their open mugs!

They should also remember the battle of Cape St. Vincent ! I crossed their plans in a simple way. Nobody expected that I would give the well-known linear tactics up. I put forward my three ships to attack the Spain front warships of Admiral Cordoba. I wouldnít have escaped a punishment if we hadnít won then. I received the gold medal instead of a punishment.

I am bleeding more and more. I am weaker and weaker, but England is safe. Now I am satisfied. Thank God, I have done my duty.

I only worry about my dear Emma and about our lovely daughter, Horatia. My beloved Emma! I am missing her so much! Only she could look well after me. She wouldnít let me die here. Her true love always kept me alive. Oh, my Emma, I hope to meet you in HeavenÖ

Thomas Hardy ĖHoratio Nelsonís friend:

Horatio fell mortally wounded at the hour of victory and triumph. The attack was well planned by him. Horatio saved Britain from the French invasion. He was the best and greatest commander in the British Navy. He was a real hero of many wars at sea. We loved him as he was a good seaman and a kind friend.

His courage and humanity were an inspiration for us, people of sea. We loved his companionship.

We often had to face up to different setbacks on the sea, but we always could count on him.

Horatio, we say goodbye to you with great sadness and sorrow.

Emma Hamilton:

Horatio, you left me and our little daughter for ever. I canít still believe it. Every time you put out to sea, I always feared. I always trembled because I was afraid that the god of the sea will demand the highest price from you. Horatio, you and only you were my only and true love. You were courageous both at sea and on the land. You could defend me and our love from nosy and malicious people. Our small house in Merton is empty without you.

You were my great hero. I was so proud of you.

Now I donít know what to do. I am worried about Horatiaís future and about myself.

I canít cry because I shed all my tears. Only your letters, these wonderful-and-full-of-love letters keep me alive. Always when I read them, I have you before my eyes, Horatio.

Iíll do my best to pass on to our daughter the knowledge about her great father and his great victories at sea.

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