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My Strongest Need


John A. Wilson

My need for you is strong.
I think of you and my heart races,
My body trembles, and my spirit soars.
I try to fight the craving for you,
But I know the cause is lost.
I must have you again.

I fear that the world will someday know
About my weakness for you.
I know that if I go to you
For one more taste of you,
My guilt will overcome me
And a heavy penance will be paid.

But my resolve weakens and crumbles.
I go to you, I take you and hold you.
The wonderful smell of you fills my senses.
This is insane, why can't I resist you?
I know that any other can have you
If they but pay the price.

But my need for you overwhelms me
And I slowly strip you bare.
My mouth aches for the taste of you.
My tongue gently caresses you
And the flavor of you fills my mouth.
My body relaxes and my eyes close.
The delicious sensation rushes through my body.

Ahhhhhhh, chocolate.

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