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"A Woman"


Johanna Albee

A woman enters my life....

Sometimes she is the soft wind that sweeps around me gently, caressing my face, leaving me as quickly as she came. In that moment she has managed to embed a part of herself into my soul, so effortlessly, simply because she exists, and for a moment I knew her.

Sometimes a woman is a forceful storm, you will notice her always, she is the hot flames dancing in front of you....calling you.....see me she says...remember me....

A Woman's presence can always be sensed, even when quiet externally...within her burns a strong, illuminating light that cradles her passion...encased in her soul. Release them from are forever changed..

Strong, Beautiful, Nurturing, Intelligent, Carefree, Sharp-witted, Passionate, Vibrant, Elusive, Playful, Ever-changing, Intriquing, Gentle....

I've sensed you all, been enveloped by your passion, inspired by your strength, learned from your intelligence, wept from your gentleness...Loved you all...

My heart is a collage filled with traces of you....

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