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Yo, Ho, Ho, and a Bottle of Starr Rum?


Joe Rosochacki

Pirates of the Waters off the coast of Somalia ?

That would never fly,

For Johnny Depp is the wrong color.

The pseudo-skull and cross bones still fly in the air,

Disneyworld would have to remake its ride,

Mogadishu is to blame, the warlords, in constant strife,

Blackhawk down,

-----who is around?

US bodies were being dragged with so much hype,

Who will take charge of this country and these outlaws that ravage the seas?

Maybe Hillary? Maybe Obama, maybe someone.

Somalia is home to pirates, not the swashbuckling type,

Nothing to do with Pittsburgh ,

More of the armed type, with SAM’s, RPG’s,

--not any musket type of gun,

Being chased by the heavily armed US Navy,

John Paul Jones would be proud.

It has been awhile since I had entered thoughts on this subject matter,

The thugs have since captured many ships for ransom,

This past week, some of them paid with their lives,

Three of them ‘bit the bullet’ literally when Navy SEALS got the green,

Three of them went to permanently see (and paid for their visit with their lives),

Davy Jones' Locker,

Captain Richard Phillips was rescued,

He is the captain of the US flagged Maersk-Alabama,

---that had been pirated by the thugs,

This lasted for five days, the pirates were to blame.

The USS Bainbridge came to the aid,

A situation was becoming tense, such as in an hour of a ‘24’ scene’,

A special forces group, with HALO devices,

Parachuting into the sea,

From 23,000 feet or more,

SEALS have nothing to do with angels,

SEALS had parachutes,

Scuba equipment and sniper guns,

Versus Angels that have arched wings,

White robes and harps.

But Captain Phillips would think that they might have well been the same,

The Bainbridge launched a dinghy for their recovery,

The Three Seals were just 25-30 meters from the lifeboat,

The Bainbridge had offered to tow the lifeboat to shore,

Which held the three armed thugs and the Capt. Phillips,

When one of them held an AK-47 in the back of Phillips,

The one-shot/one-kill green light was on,

By a standing order from President Obama,

Three Somali pirates lay dead,

Mogadishu they will see no more,

Phillips was safe,

What joy that brings,

And he will receive multiple hugs.

From his crew, who he protected from further harm.

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