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Joe Rosochacki

((the) Senate and (the) People of Rome)

U S A, C C C P,

(Otherwise known as the USSR,)

Will they go very far?

As far as S P Q R?

S P Q R, a proud representative set of consonants was a system of democracy,

With a dictatorship, an empire that spanned many lands across wide distances.

S P Q R did go far through the centuries,

no holds barred.

S P Q R, an integration of socio-economic discrimination,

Was based on a privileged few

--and those whose allegiances would be true,

U S A, C C C P will they go as far?

Identification of not only geographical limitation,

But a symbol of a political condition,

As far as itsí subjects were concerned.

S P Q R, the color red flows in at least some way within the colors of this tribunal,

Between the centuries and other dimensional distances.

Is U S A , C C C P, a S P Q R; but newer?

But one thing cannot be truer,

After millenniums of S P Q R control of the only known civilized world,

Nothing was more awesome to see, to bewilder,

When I saw S P Q R, in Rome, on top of a water sewer.


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