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Forever Changing


Joe Rosochacki

I was proud myself,

Because the lack of time I spent in hospital,

Until I was 51 years old,

I never thought Id be in a hospital for day.

I was living and dying in West Palm Beach,

My life was about to begin,

And the same time fade away,

I certainly had no idea,

About the thing life brought to me

On February third two thousand and five,

My brain was racked with three lesions,

I was going to doubt if Id be alive,

My brain was opened up,

To have biopsy taken out,

It was sent to Dukes pathology lab,

And they couldnt figure out,

What I had,

They said I appeared to have some sort of MS,

They guessed with all their medical clout.

I then went back to Michigan,

To be hospitalized in Royal Oak,

Where I began chemo treatments,

For brain lesions,

It was not joke,

That the chemo was 12 times,

For time of your life,

In between the chemo,

I found a person that would be my wife,

I met her on MS E-pals,

Not to be confused with,

She was in east Texas,

Id ask which part of east Texas are you from,

She mentioned Cumby,

Is that a clown or cartoon like Gumby?

Ive become a Texan too!

Judy and I celebrating our anniversary,

On January two.

I am starting to play guitar,

Again my second love of life,

And plan doing recitals in due time.

Forever changing is my life;

All for the better I may add.

I am alive now with hardly any strife,

And be loved by a woman that loves me dearly,

Without February third of two thousand five,

I would missed the trip of a lifetime,

And missed meeting her,
That would be so, so, so sad.

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