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Joanna Rozo

For Ashlei

Your words are hollow
your eyes are empty.
They took everything from you,
except your insanity.
Can I take your place?
Can I live your life?
So you can live mine,
find serenity,
& feel happy.
Lets trade places please,
all the pain you have ever felt
will be in me.
All your suffering memories
will be with me.
Iím tired of looking in your eyes
& seeing nothing.
I wish there was a way
to transmit your unsound mind to me.
I could try continually,
but I know youíll remain,

For Ashlei

I can see you crying,
inside my head.
I can hear you screaming,
all in my head.
You donít deserve this misery.
I wish I could take your pain away,
transmit it to me.
Iím going through some of the same things,
& I would lessen your pain
& increase mine
if only I could.
If only I could.
Your eyes have seen too much corruption,
your heart to much ache.
I wish I could help you.
I want to do something,
but I fear thereís nothing
that would help.
But know my friend,
I would die for you.


Memories from yesterday,
I wish would fade.
Broken record
repeating the same sounds.
Why canít the memories,
fade away.
I lose my mind
but the painful memories stay.
Like a song stuck in my head,
& no matter what I do
the song repeats itself.
Tears seem to remain,
& my dream to survive,
is gone.


These bars surround me,
Caging me in like an animal.
No room to move,
all I can do is sit.
Locked up forever,
for being who I am.
But in this cage,
I am nothing,
I am no one.
Is that what you wanted?
To imprison me
until Iím nothing but a memory,
memories fade away.

For Meghan:

Your depression increase frequently,
& yet you seem so peaceful,
I donít understand how you do it.

You recently lost someone,
I hope you get through it.
Iím afraid that,
you might loose it.

Where is God right now?
I know he exist.
Is he ignoring you?
Why is he so cruel!?!
I donít want to see you in a total wreck.
Youíre supposed to be the strong one, almost always in a good mood.
Usually youíre lively & hyper.
I donít want to see you now.
I wish I could do something,
but I donít know what to do.
Why do you have to suffer?
Youíre so kind & honest
you donít deserve to be tortured.
Youíre beautiful inside & out,
You donít deserve this misery,
You just need some bliss!

I want to take your pain away,
Transfer it all to me.
I long for you to be happy
I want you to enjoy life.
Iíd sacrifice everything,
everything & anyone,
to stop
your despair.


The growth of my despair
has engulfed my insides,
there is no beauty left,
my dove is gone.
The passion for life I had has disintegrated,
& the blissfulness seems to have sunk into the hollow ground.
I tried to shade my feelings with a smile,
but you saw right through me.

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