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Jo Ann Mann

Just a pinch underneath hubbyís lip
Makes him spit in a container
Grandkids pick it up for a sip
Doesnít make grandma any saner

What is good about this brown juice?
Makes grandpaís remaining tooth yellow
Hasnít helped him to reduce
Grandma threatens to find another fellow

He spits outside of church
Makes all the women sick
Hits the tree they planted, the Birch
Set there in memory of poor old Mr. Kindrick

Donít hit him on his back
He might accidently swallow
The putrid spit of black
Throwing up is sure to follow

What is grandma to do?
She loves this man so much
Grandpa makes her laugh and coo
Taught her to drive the pick up with the clutch

Now grandpa is a real good man
Loves his wife as she is his miss
He does all he can
But grandma just wonít open her mouth for his kiss!

What is this stuff called snuff?
Brown stains on his cuff
Things around here are getting mighty rough
Because Grandma has had enough!

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