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If I Were God


Jo Ann Mann

Dedicated to my brother-in-law, Lee, who is now deceased from cancer

If I were God, I would promise you that you would live forever
and that even in your darkest hour I would be at your side, loving
you and giving you my peace, oh but God has already done that!

If I were God, I would surround you with a family that loved you
very much; gee He has already done that too!

If I were God, I would give you a host of friends who would
love and support you and your family in a time when you needed them the most,
gosh, Hes already done that too!

If I were God, I would have a wonderful place for all the people
that I loved! It would be a place free of sickness, death, famine,
storms, evil people and all the things that keep us from being
completely happy! It would be a home filled with joy, laughter and
Gee the "Big Fella" has taken care of that already!

If I were God I would cook up a big banquet and would have
gallons of choice wine every time one of those I loved came home;
He has got that covered too! P.S. The meal would be full of
sugar and fat that would not cause you to gain weight!
Hope He has that one covered too!

If I were God, I would give them all brand new clothes, robes
with no pockets for money or credit cards because I would give them
everything for free! The robes would all be size eight for women and size large for men.
God has done this too.

If I were God, I would give Lee a sister-in-law and brother-in-law
who loved him very much and He has already done that!
He also made sure that they live far enough away so as not to bother him too much!

If I were God, I would make a machine that would help those
who loved Lee send a letter without misspelled words. It would be a machine
that could make "Great big letters for blind sisters-in-laws so
they could see what they were writing!" It would not be a perfect
machine because the person typing the letter is far from perfect! 
This machine would be able to bring two brother-in-laws together
so they could play games when they are far away from each other!
He did this and called it a computer!

If I were God, I would create a good man named Lee;
I would make him kind, thoughtful and funny!
I would make him a good husband, a good father, a good friend and a great brother-in- law!
Yes God already did that too!
God did that too!

If I were God, I would bless Lee with five children!
They would try his patience, make him crazy, make him happy, make him 
sad but Lee would love them and be a good father and provider.
Yes God did that too!

If I were God, I would bless him with six grandchildren and
another on the way! They would smile and make him laugh! They
would smile and touch his heart and bring him much joy!
God has accomplished this too in your life!

If I were God, I would give Lee one of my greatest gifts, my
only Son. My Son would bring Lee hope for eternal life. My 
Son gave Himself to all mankind so they may live in eternal peace!
God already did this over two thousand years ago on a hill
with His only Son nailed to a cross!

If I were God, I would give Lee peace, comfort and love!
This He has already given to all his children!

Alas, I am not God, but I have been given the gift of faith 
to believe in the "One" who can do all these things!
So when I pray, all of these things I pray for you!

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