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My Heart's Resurrection


Jim Ciccolini

The fires of a burning love
had long since died to embers,
but I still sense what it was of,
and, slowly, now, remember.

I cannot forget the times we had
or ignore our tender passion,
and, oh, it is so very sad,
that our love lies, now, ashen.

We fought through pain and discontent,
and it seemed that we might last,
but, now, our strength and unrelent,
has been left in distant past.

So interesting it is, my dear,
that, to then, I now return,
and, that when I draw, toward you, near,
the fires again do burn.

I do not know if I should try
to relive that lovely life,
and if it's worth the tears to cry
if I can weep there with my wife.

For tears, already, I have shed;
I know that wrenching pain.
Wounds I've felt and blood I've bled,
my robes have borne that stain...

Can I truly live again
in feelings that have died?
Would there be a chance, then
to rejoin my estranged bride?

It's been so long since I have felt
those things for which I yearn,
but, until my frozen soul will melt,
I fear I'll never learn...

The armor of my calloused heart
grows thinner every week,
and the further that we drift apart,
the more, for you, I seek.

I'm tired of searching around
for things cannot not find,
and, dreaming of a soothing sound,
won't satisfy my mind.

I need your heart to complete my song,
and to fuel my inspirations;
I can only hope that it won't be long
before we join, again, our palpitations...

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