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Evolution and Revolution


Jim Ciccolini

In whispering winds and towering trees,
with struggling whins and shimmering seas;
through dwindling whims and agonized pleas,
or laudacious hymns and litanies

In all things raw there dwells an emotion;
a purpose sans-flaw has been set into motion.
As the Siren's Call sails 'cross the Ocean
and Egypt's thrall finds the Land of Goshen

A great plan circulates like the gears of a clock,
whilst the barge of Fate drifts from dock-to-dock.
It shall never be late to deliver its stock,
for even Time awaits each key of each lock.

I wonder deep within which end will occur,
but until it begins we can never be sure.
Global Warming burns sins, or nuclear war.
Perhaps worldwide famines, pestilence, or...

Maybe it all will remain, and in the following years,
we gather the sanguineous stains, lacerations, and tears;
through lethal acid rains, to saturate with fears,
until all feel the pain of the innumerable sears.

Just as in the vow, it approaches fast,
A day not far now, and, for some, their last.
The same Hands which wound the clock will amass,
but to burn it down with a fervent wrath.

So do take heed, dear child, to keep open your thoughts,
and be you not defiled with your mind tied in knots.
But, as with life in the wild, know your purpose and lot,
lest, in tedium reviled your spirit slowly rots.

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