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Great Grandma


Jessica Summers

thinking so slowly
whispering so subtlety
missing what's gone
what's been had
and what I've already done
the touch of your hand
i can feel it so clear
it's only my imagination
i wish you were here
the sound of your voice
once strong and so proud
has now faded to a weak distorted mumble
the body once strong now withered and beaten
the cancer is eating
it's tearing you apart ever so slowly
stealing my only great grandma,
that i only just met
making your heart weak and unable to heal
now that we're all here
to make you feel peace
you have seen the children
once only in your mind as snapshots in time
now that they know you, you feel you should stay,
so you push your self to the brink,
wearing yourself out,
you try to hold on, but you just aren't as strong
slipping in and out of consciousness
you know it's your time
so you silently leave
when you think no one is looking
tears fill their eyes
when they see that you're gone,
struck by the misfortune
and not knowing how to act
or react
never got to say good-bye
life just isn't fair

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