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Amend Thy Heart


Jessica Sayer

There's pains in my heart and tears in eye 
When we're so far apart that your whispers are denied 
The chains that bind leave scars for those to spy 
The quiet way I hide my love behind fears of a lie 
That what we have isn't true as the blue sky 
But one look in your hazel eyes that burn me like July 
Tells me more then sweet nothings in my ear that is 
I love you. Cares that you show me from the kisses 
To your pains that weigh you down with a silent sigh 
When I know I've done wrong you don't violently decry 
You wait with patience for the apology that I'd supply 
You are one of two soul mates which I'm proud to 
stand by 
You hold me, comfort me and make me smile. There is no 
Without the good before it. The passion of the pain 
in my 
heart when we part will beat only faster with your 
quiet smile. All this just has one thing that it 
implies . . . 
How many ways can you say I love you? One, and I will comply. 

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