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Who Are You?


Jessica Protzman

I remember you standing there

Right before everything went black

I remember you saying I would be ok

What happened?

You said I would make it through this

And that I would see you again

You said I was strong

Did you lie?

All I can see now is the back of my eyelids

And itís freaking me out

All I can hear is you crying

What's the matter?

You told them what you saw

And that you remember my eyes

You tell them I thought it wasnít loaded

Am I dreaming?

When you saw that gun in my hand

Did you think I would?

When you saw me pull the trigger

What went through your head?

I thought you knew this was what I wanted

I never wanted to hurt you

I thought you would tell them the truth

What are you doing?

Maybe youíre trying to protect my family

Or even yourself

Maybe you just canít admit it


I did it for a reason

I wanted to die

I did it because I felt lost

Where am I?

You were there when I was born

And now youíve seen my die

You were never the father I wanted

Who are you?

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