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Simonís Poem


Jessica Jacobsen

The thought of me not being yours makes me tremble.
Hearing your voice gives me goose-bumps.
Being away from you I am empty.
Being with you, I never want to leave.
Looking in your eyes, I wish to stay.
Being in your arms forever is what I pray.
Being without you I feel so alone.
I feel forever on my own.
My heart will stop beating, I will have no reason to live.
My eyes will dry from so many tears.
Nothing would heal the plain, not even over the years.
I am terribly terrified of how you make me feel.
Your hands hold my happiness.
You stole my heart.
I had no say in the matter.
Your heart holds all of my love.
Love that I couldnít even imagine.
They think they could just tear us apart,
But my feelings for you only grow.
My river of love will continue to flow.
Words canít explain all of my pain.
The love I have for you I will never complain.
Your eyes hold the world.
You are my reason.
My reason to stay alive every season.
You are the reason for my smile.
You are the reason I cry,
The reason I weep.
Without you, I have no reason to keep.
You are the reason I cannot sleep.
Your smile pulls the trigger in my heart.
A trigger that doesnít exist when we are apart.
I feel so hallow.
You are the one I want to fallow.
My feelings are pounding in my head I just want to scream.
You are my dream.
You are perfect.
Perfect in every way.
Iíll give you anything, anything you say.
To be with you forever, is all that I pray.

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