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Shock Absorbers


Jessica H.

It's turned into a critical force field
My eyes see fault in your shadow
I know the truth so I put up my shield
Now that I know it is all I can think
Cause I've seen exactly how you break
And how many times I've had to pick up the pieces 
All the times I've had to convince you to live
Given you lists of all you have to give
It's so much to you to burn away the past behind
Hard for me to forget all the cracks within the floorboard
Overestimated for my strength
My arms have held for too great a length
Constant neglect on the part of yourself
I'm forced to be your mind's eye and your spirit as well
Shock absorber for your unreal situations
That you put us into, and I wrap the bandage
Bleeds through the seams, the wound is so deep
But I am your scar and you are the splinter
Your stab to the heart has taken my life and forced your corpse upon me
Asked to not scream, as I fear for my life
Cause this canyon echoes and doubles in size
Carry two stones and look after me
For you were born unto me
A spectacle of drama in the psychiatric ward
Two steps away from writing the screenplay
(I'm in the white coat walking you down
You tie my arms behind my back before you hit the ground)
Falling feathers that within you are gold
It's my job to shine them and hold
Grains of sand are scarce and silver
Glass is half empty and it's getting dull
Round-edged my fire has become
Shining star on a chain link fence
I cannot fly with a cocoon wrapped around me
But the sky is too fluorescent for you to see
It doesn't numb 'till the warmth is hot
The rainbow's plugged in and your mind is a rot
What can I get you while I'm on my lunch break
What will you need when I'm happy at work
And are you far too busy to think
I'll let it pass, this uncut grass
Sprinklers run the black lines into the soil
Poisoned piece of nature you cry from within
But tears of innocence are counteracted by sin
Artificial lung has informed me to breathe
It runs after oiled with human-like ease
And I'm swept away by your tunnel of "love"
Then hitting the wall I look high above
There's an open world for me in which to escape to
And when I escape I'll return for you.

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