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Teenage Plead


Jessica Dawn Clingempeel

Do you really exist or are you just in my mind?
My life I try to hide but this world always find.
My heart is taken but now is breakin.
Sometimes my life is mistaken.
I scream and cry and throw a fit.
I take my fists my wall I hit.
Sometimes I feel like I am alone.
Am I welcomed into my own home?
I look up and pray to God with tears in my eyes
Why pass me by? Why pass me by?
I beg and plead and hear no words
For I just hear the songs of birds.
Why did he forget me? Why did he pass me by?
I than hear a voice...and see a figure in the sky.
The song of an angel whispering in my ear
Telling me don't be scared...the Lord is here.
With those words I know I am safe
And finally found my hiding faith.
With love from an angel and love from a man
That no one in this world could hardly understand.
He whispered softly in my ear
Telling me to never fear.
And with that he disappeared
And now I know he'll always be here.

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