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Jerry Nicholas

Misery, I called, on my deathbed, with my glorious declaration,

And millions of dollars with fascinated profit combination,

And extensive fortune, mixed in business and real estate. What a pity

To divide it justly, just to open wide a gate, to infinite eternity.

This one time my generosity is bigger than my mouth and with full mental power

Split it among the family, suddenly ballooning with inheritors, in my last hour.

And like vultures; not just hungry, salivating exclusively for my splendor in vein,

But in a sweat of fear, at last counting, easy, once in a lifetime, rainbow money rain.

So here is my last wish and extravagant holy will. Celebrate the best!

Live rich, royally! My life’s avarice and slyness, ridiculous be cursed!

And so, God let me go:

Ironic, Halloween pumpkin, the eldest son, shall inherit after his father,

Bamboo wood prosthesis, after my second husband, for his younger brother,

China dentures and a magnificent, dusty-rusty wig for my only and lovely daughter,

Trump for the rest of you greedy, lazy bastards, and dreams of riches bloody slaughter.

I want nothing and nothing more demand already of this tricky life, full of masquerade

But a golden coffin; adorn with sparkling diamonds, in a pompous, excellent parade

And displayed in a simple mausoleum, giant monster of the finest granite, of course,

With live rock, around a brilliant-platinum sarcophagus, shaped as a Trojan horse.

If it is bitterly unjust, and you are extremely shocked as if hit by a thunder,

Let the heavy, pure golden lid press me, and the angels whip. But I wonder,

Why you gnash your teeth, and rain silently all the worst curses during my wake?

After all, this Last Will, of mutual love, cast you into real mourning, not a fake…

Date with fate without hate. Then life is sunny regardless of losses, weather or money.

Dedicated to Jacob Rozenberg, about whom, and his enemies and friends can say:

And God had the name Jakub/Jacob…

Copyright 2007 Jerry Nicholas

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