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As The Circle Goes


Jerry Hyatt

There is a cloud alone in the sky.

As it passes between me and the sun a shadow falls 
across my face and covers my body.

With it comes the chill of death, yet I feel no fear, only
a deep curiosity.

I look up into the cloud and I saw my eyes in a thousand
different faces. It was then I knew I was seeing myself,
starting from the beginning of time and reaching throughout eternity.

There was each life, each person I had lived. All thoughts,
faces looking at me through my eyes, letting me know
it was time to live another life.

As the cloud moved on, the chill of death became a
feeling of acceptance. And then the sun shone on my
face to warm me as my spirit began to fly.

When I once again opened my eyes, the sky was blue and
there were no clouds, yet my face had changed while
my eyes remained the same.

I am starting yet another life. For a moment I remembered
my life from before...
The dreams I had left behind, the passions that
drove me, and the people I had loved...

But only for a moment, it then all faded away and I became
the person I was now to be.

I felt life rush through my veins to take hold of my soul.
I saw... I did...I failed...I achieved...and I loved.

There is a cloud alone in the sky...

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