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I knew a kid once way out West


Jerrod Foley

I knew a kid once way out West
Said he'd lived a thousand years,
showed me the river of tears

Said he could not swim
knew as soon as he could
the river would dry up
but as far as I could see
there was no way to tell

Told me he traveled down only one road
worn out, used up, and all he'd ever known
Why'd it all come out, why'd nothing come in?
A fever, headache, flu, and no medicine

Rode his stallion until its legs gave out
said that's as close as he'd come to feeling good
when all he needed was to be understood

I knew a soul once way out West
said the day had come
to recall the day it had begun

To shoot the horse that could not run
could not save it with those hands of yarn
so close to the finish, the end of the road
a moment of peace in deserted abode

I saw it with my own eyes
the Sun gone down but not before
it dried up the river and begged for more
I'd replaced the kid from way out West
down that road his soul still rests

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