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Through The Valley Of The Storm


Jeremy Manning

take my hand, my child
be not afraid of the oncoming storm
that rushes fast
for my love that I hold dear
is that of a tiger, strong and wise.
my love will protect you. keep your innocence
from harm as we journey through the valley of the storm.

we gather wisdom of the ages from the shores of
immortality, deep crying warriors lost in the sands of war
long past forgotten .their cry's for help
can be seen as insane shadows
of fearless men once known.

together we journey through lands of mystery
and legends still young
gather up your courage. stand beside me
as I take your hand ,as one we shall be against the raging storm.

through the passing darkness
the smoke has lifted. gallantly we stand .
among the defeated . my love has protected you well, as you hunted
with the spirit of the ancient tiger
and swam with the everlasting symbol of grace, the dolphins.
now my student you must collect your knowledge, leave now your place
of learning

it is time for you to take that journey
fly along side of the mighty eagle, through the valley of the storm,
many trials you will face
I have taught you well my young warrior. spirit of the ancient tiger
is your strength. my knowledge is ur wisdom
my visions is your soul.

worry not creator's of bein,
grant us one more chance to finish my duty as
a warrior, and too finish my role as a wizard
of earth and time.
in the name of Merlin I pray.

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