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Jenny Ano

Sometimes you feel like you're nowhere.
Clutterful and utterless thoughts just mingle through your mind.
No way to be explained, but they are there.
It's like you're in a state of false imagining, not able to accept the fact 
of the events
happening in your surroundings.
Your thought-laden mind weighing down your body and thought with the 
aspects of
That moment of truth.
The tingling of when your foot falls asleep takes over your entire body.
Your mind unable to grasp that concept of this is filtered into a state of 
Unable to express emotions silence just seems to take over.
Your mind still hasn't come to believe it yet, but even the slightest wrong 
word can make
it click back into reality.
It seems like nothing around you is real, but just a figment of your mind.
The tingling comes, you click back, and let your emotions go.
People around you are talking, but all you can see is blurred lips moving 
through your teary
eyes and no sound is heard.
Your mind has finally accepted the fact.
All that it thinks about for those next few moments is what the future holds 
for you.
It focuses on thought, blocking out any disturbances.
You come back to reality and learn to deal with it.

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