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Pieces of Me


Jennifer Thomas

Leave me at the tether, I like the copper feel
of the tears, and the faint inclination I stroke in my hands
to turn my head and cast myself away.

I like it here. I'll extend myself, wrap my shaded arms around you
like a stuffed monkey with a suction cup.
I've always looked nice on your window.

And when the fogged evening approaches and the stars
blanket my silhouette, la hierba grows sweetly in my mouth
and I'll dream dreams of you
smoky tendrils of you....
Where are you now?

My gilded parasol, hooked and buried in the fleshiness of my fingers,
Well, it doesn't protect me much when I subject myself to the rays.
Oh for the blind to go blind, what consequence is it?
And I'll STILL lope after you until I'm wrenched short.
My life-long remembrance, my souvenir for laughing and smiling with you
Is the bond around my throat
You can't snuff me out or keep me away, tucked away or moved away,
I like the pain,
I love you, even in my dejected aversion.

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