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Jennie Marquez

A Simple Man

I am but a simple man
I only do what I can
My mind gets jarred
Cause I work so hard
I am of rage
And I can't make a good days wage
I am lost
But at any cost
I will make it through the day


Death is coming
I can hear him humming
He can feel my fear
Yet he does not care
He is watching me
And I have nowhere to flee

Faded Feelings

Like that hot summer's day
our love faded away
it hurt so bad
loosing everything we had
and I wish I could change the past
cause I wanted us to last
I think of it all
and how it ended that fall
I makes me cry
and my heart want to die
I never thought I would see
the day you didnít want to be
with me

First Love

I loved you so
But I never let it show
I wished you were with me
But we were not meant to be
I cared for you
But you never knew
You were my first love
And I thought were sent from above
You stole my heart
Then you tore it apart


It feels so great to graduate
It's a time for all to celebrate
I would be lying
If I told you part of me isnít crying
I must leave behind the people I met along the way
But be sure I will think you everyday
I know its time to say good bye
And as I do so part of me will die
I leave Richland behind
For the new things I shall find
I will miss it all
But soon will come fall
I will start a new
And so will all of you

I Can and Do

I can hear
The words you won't share
I do see
The lies you tell me
I can feel
The wounds you can't heal
I do hate
The way you think life can wait

I just want you to know

I just want you to know
I am sorry for the mean things I do
And every time I've ever hurt you
I just want you to know
I love you more and more each day
And that love will never fade away
I just want you to know
I will stay true
Cause the only one I see is you
I just want you to know
The things I'm scared to show


Just before I fall asleep
its thoughts of you I always keep
Undying love is what I feel for you
its the only thing I know thatís honest & true
Anticipating the next time we're with each other
knowing that for me there is no other
Now I know more than ever
that I want to be with you always & forever

Let Me Know

If I cry
hold me tight
promise that we'll never fight
when I'm mad
kiss me
tell me that I'm all you see
Let me know
if you don't want me to leave
And I'll attach myself to your sleeve
tell me
if you want to be alone
And I'll know not to phone
Show me there is no other
And I promise that I'll never smother

Love of My life

The sound of your voice
Makes my heart rejoice
Those dark brown eyes
Can't hide any lies
With each and every smile
You make my life worthwhile
I hope feel the way I do
about you

Mother Means

Mother means much more to me
Then a title you give to a parent
It goes deeper then any eye can see
It is something that is more inherent

A mother is more then someone who's there
She is more then a friend
A mother is one who always will care
Even for the things that might impend

She is your inner power
When you have none
She's like an unbreakable tower
And her work is never done

Mother means more then a word
It's a title that is earned
Everything you have said to her she has heard
And will always worry about you and be concerned

A mother gives love no matter what
She does all she can for you
And asks for nothing back but
To repay her let her know you love her too

My Love for You

Is like sweet morning dew
It is so strong
I know it can't be wrong
You're the only one I love
It is like you came from above
My love for you
Is like nothing I ever knew

Never Enough

I loved you more & more each day
I cared for you in every way
But it was never enough
I gave you my heart
And didn't mention when youíd tear it apart
But it was never enough
I tried to be everything you wanted me to
I never asked to much of you
But it was never enough
I never questioned what you told me
And when you asked me to I let you be
But it was never enough
I defended you to everyone
And even willing to have your son
But it was never enough
I was never enough

Our Memory

I miss you so
And I hope that you know
I will never forget about us
Everything we had
The good and the bad
I will never let it go
The things that we shared
And just knowing you cared
The memories will never die

Scared Love

I wish I could show you how much I love you
in my heart no one is placed above you
no one could have ever told me
how good it could feel to have you hold me
I just want to be near you
and just be able to revere you
I wanted you to know
the feelings I am too scared to show

Show Your Love

Let your breath brush my cheek
Touch my heart with the words you speak
Let your eyes tell me you need me
Give me notes telling me I'm all you see
Let your hugs tell me I'm not alone
Hold my thoughts with the phone
Let your hands tell me you never wan to part
Tell me you love me with all your heart

Too Late

I am full of hate
And now it is too late
To change my awful ways
I can not bare
This life no more
Now it is too late

Who You See

"Look in the mirror, & who do you see?
Hopefully you don't see me.
Cause if you did, where would you be?
Don't ask me.
It's what you see, not me."

Without You

Being without you feels like hell
All I can do is retreat into my shell
My heart feels things my mouth can not tell
I wish you could know what's inside of me
What makes me want to no longer be
I hurt so bad but won't let you see
It seems like you wouldn't even care
I feel things I dare not share
I just deal with life even it's so hard to bare
I thought we would be together forever
What happened between us I thought would never
Being without you is something I didn't want to have to do ever

You Changed

You were once my hero
But now you're a zero
You use to try
But now you just lie
You use to share
But now you're not even fair
You use to be there
But now you don't even care
I thought you were strong
I guess I was wrong
You changed

You Didnít Listen When I Said No

I overcame your charm
So my heart could no longer come to any harm
I wanted to be free of you
But you made sure thatís was something I could not do
Was it love that made you hold on to me
No it was just the idea of me being free
You would let me go
And you never listened when I told you no
Why is it you hurt me so
Why is it you wouldnít listen when I said no
I cry each night
And I have nightmares of that fight
No one will ever know
How much it hurt when you didnít listen when I said no

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