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Dark Horse 2001 -  In Memory of George Harrison


Jefferson Hennessy

{In Memory of George Harrison; deceased November 30 2001}

Here in my similar cubicle 

This drone can't be still now
I'm surprised my hidden spirit is so hurt by this
Such a long anticipated mourning
I read about it coming months ahead and denied

No, not now

But in the papers I hear so many sigh a world of sighs like
We all feel distance is no stranger to familiarity

Surely we are all still too young to be told this
To imagine a world without this voice 
To feel this, to have to say goodbye
The morning looks so well

So almost

So on the way
I bet he felt this too just yesterday

This quiet poet whose unwavering heart will forever insist
A little brother to the others who tower
One fourth of a pack of thrillers
A singing playing celebration
One of those pure products that go crazy

In America 
The dark horse that placed and showed 
Not willing to shine alone

 I can't keep still today, not this mourning
All the young passion I've dismissed
Returns to remind me who I am

It hurts that bad

I'll miss his peaceful council
The indifferented Dark Horse
So other - and alive - that day our musiverse changed

He will be missed
Will rebirth
Will depart
Will forever be doubted questioned challenged
And as predictably admired

I cannot be still today but I shouldn't be surprised 
From what I knew and know and feel and witnessed
I shouldn't be so surprised that

All my hidden happy spirits 
My others

My unsung fighters and willers

All of my dark horses who yearn to stand
Are so hurt by this 

The mourning paper's news

That shouts

The silence of an old friend's voice


And my quiet office morning's soft farewell

To an unknown admirable soul

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