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My Darling


Jeff Schleis

The setting sun painted colors in the sky of red, orange, pink, and a hint of purple. As my Darling turned away from the night. For I was in love... the great sign of life. Oh! How I wish I could have the time back! Her and I lived a love that was more than love but no less than a liking in which we shared. My Darling, My Darling! Why have you gone? Where have you gone? I cannot live alone, without that sweet scent of your hair, for now all i smell is of death, and I cannot live without seeing your beautiful face, how I cherish it! How I adore it! But now all see is of black and grey. For I do not see colors... only when you come back to me do I ever begin to see again. My Darling. . .My Darling who died, Died I tell you, a most horrible death... A death of regret and murder. Oh My Darling how I long for you back! How I long to see your face again! But My Darling... My Darling is gone. How these wasted years come and go without you. For my sorrow is deep as the darkness envelops the setting sun.

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