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February Escape


Jeanette Elizabeth

It’s a sunny February day in Puerto Plata,
Barefoot, strolling down the sandy beach.
The waves and breakers wash up on the shore
Receding slowly, leave a smooth, wet slate,
For us to write our footprints in the sand.

The warm, west wind blows wild with gentle force.
On tall-trunked palms fringed branches blow,
Like maidens with their flowing hair unfurled,
Sway back and forth twixt earth and azure sky.

The sun beats down with sultry, sweltering heat.
Our skin exposed to penetrating rays.
We shade our eyes from shimmering, sparkling seas,
Reflecting sunlight with each rippling wave

We rest on comfy lounges by the beach.
Sometimes ‘tis better ‘neath a palm leaf roof
To steal a little shade,
And after sunset, sit with drink in hand
Upon the patio ‘neath glittering stars
Just tiny dots in navy skies of night.

With luggage packed, our luscious meals now done.
The bus, the airport, charter flight toward home,
As if unto another world we’re carried,
With browner skin and smiles from newfound friends.
Then, “Welcome to Regina”
greets the travelers in the night.

It’s a sunny February day here in Saskatch’wan,
Skiing along the trails of sparkling snow.
The snowmobile goes plowing through the drifts.
Tracing shadows, blue o’er brilliant white,
Leaving tracks where skis may deftly fly.

A cold north wind bites thro’ my toque and mitts.
The aspens reach their naked branches high.
Their frosty fingers feel no cold nor pain.
Beneath the fields of white, the flowers sleep.

The sun gleams from the distant southern sky
Reflecting glittering diamonds in the snow,
Each delicate crystal dances in the light.
Our tanned skin hides ‘neath winter's layered garb.

We stop awhile, absorbing all the joy,
Of seasons in our great Canadian home:
The budding springtime’s flowering fields,
Long, lazy warmth of summer days,
Brisk and brilliant autumn colours,
Cold and vibrant wintertime.
Creative gifts from God above.

That short, refreshing time of summer heat,
In midst of frigid winter, brought relief.
From colder, blustery days, we did escape,
To capture balmy Caribbean sun.

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