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I Believe


Jazmyn A. Hallman

I believe in paying attention to life's little details

I believe in affection and gentleness

I believe in the importance of personal relationships

I believe in looking at life through love even though I mildly tinge it with melancholy

I believe that we shouldn't regret any opportunity or chance taken, even if it doesn't bring the expected amount
of happiness

I believe in keeping friends close and not turning your back on them, even if they're messing up

I believe in looking for the best in people (sometimes it's hard)

I believe in mastering my own fate, because if I don't, who else will?

I believe in independence and freedom of speech

I believe in idealism when perceiving life, reality can be a kick in the ass although sometimes we need a good

I believe in having dreams and making goals, even if to others they seem wildly out of reach, because it is
that presumed unattainability that makes you strive harder

I believe in making sacrifices to reach these goals, unless it involves hurting a person

I believe that a person should stay keenly in touch with their emotions

I believe in showing sympathy and understanding to those that grieve

I believe that we should respect our individual gifts and know our own potential and specialness

I believe in showing limitless boundaries of imagination without fear of ridicule

I believe in seeking escape either through or from the emotional anguish causing me pain, even though that
may not be the best way

I believe in lending a dignity of spirit to every encountered relationship

I believe in possessing a deep core of spiritual strength

I value love, knowledge, relationships, idealism and transcendence

That's what I believe.

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