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Godís Creatures


Janice Engle

Hey, little bird sitting in that tree
What are you going to do?
Find a worm or dance a dance, and
Sing a lovely tune

Butterfly with wings! so light
Gliding through the air
The wind takes you to and fro
You seem to have no cares

Lady bug just sitting there
With no place to go
Are you waiting for Mr. Right?
The other bug you know

Little turtle walking slowly
You are never in a hurry
Just look at rabbit over there
He knows that he must scurry

Mrs. Squirrel upon a branch
Looking all around
Waiting for an acorn
To fall upon the ground

Little kitty climbing high
As far as she can go
She sits and cleans her long white fur
Then down the tree she goes

Puppy dog he likes to play
Chasing cats or playing ball
He is always happy when you come his way
He is a friend whether big or small

It is so much fun, to sit and watch,
Everyone at play
All Godís creatures great and small
What joy they bring to us all

Janice Engle copyright 2005

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