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There once was a lady who lived on the street
She wore tattered clothes and no shoes on her feet
She sat in the park at the same time each day
watching for someone to soon pass her way

The pigeons would stop to eat from her hand
old dried up breadcrumbs she found in the sand
When they were all full they'd scatter and flee
The lady would walk over and sit by a tree

She'd pull out the bottle half filled with rum
Take a big swig then sit back in the sun
She waited and watched with curious eyes
For someone she knew to come passing by

A stranger came up and stood by the tree
He said to the woman Do you remember me?
She said "I don't know anyone around here
Only the pigeons who I truly hold dear

I have been searching for you all along
Waiting and hoping you'd finally come home
You see I'm your Father and you are my sheep
I'm here to take you home there's someone you seek

The woman she! cried and stood up to go
"You say there is someone that I ought to know?
As God took her hand she faithfully said
"I've been waiting for you!"
Then she took her last breath

She opened her eyes in Heaven aglow
Where is the person you say that I know?
She turned as God gestured and before her eyes
was Jesus the Son Who was crucified

Tears of joy did suddenly flow
As she fell to his feet he was all aglow
You didn't forget me Your faith held on strong
My child here's your Kingdom You've waited so long

The woman in rags now stood before God
All dressed in white her beauty shown bright
The day of awakening had now came her way
The day she fed pigeons began a new day

Janice Engle copyright2004

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