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Heaven's Ballet Of Resurrection


Janet Owenby

Seated in heaven's theater,
upon a velvet covered cloud.
Heard the voice of Earth's Creator,
and a hush fell upon the crowd.

Harp's symphony began to play,
as the brocade curtain arose.
Beautiful angels on display,
holding a ballerina's pose.

Slippers threaded of purest gold,
accents their feathered attire.
Oval stance begins to unfold,
opening wings of desire.

Angelic silhouettes unite,
in a heavenly pirouette.
Beheld grand jeté in the spotlight,
performed by archangel duet.

Jesus' tattered body appears,
suspended penché on the cross.
Weeping angels cambré in tears,
mourning their beloved Saviour's loss.

Wiping the moisture from my eyes,
watching the velvet curtain close.
A sudden moment of surprise,
with a pas de chat he arose.

I joined the standing ovation,
slipping through the transparent cloud.
Awakening from dream's vacation,
entangled in my satiny shroud.

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