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Lou-Lou the Goose & Nonna Bonna Bear Adventures


Janeece McCullough

"Two is Better then One"

Lou-Lou the Goose was a singing goose who loved to sing songs every day all day long. "La-La-La-I-Love-To-Sing. La-La-La-Ding-Ding-Ding-Ding!"

Lou-Lou the Goose didn't sing quite well. His family didn't like to hear him sing at all. He was off key and to put it nicely, he needed lots of practice. His family did encourage Lou-Lou the Goose to sing but told him to practice far away by the lake. Lou-Lou the Goose did as he was told and everyone was happy.

Far away by the lake, Lou-Lou the Goose could sing all he wanted. He even tended to get a tad bit louder than usual. But that didn't go too well for Nonna Bonna Bear and her family who lived near by.

Every day Nonna Bonna Bear tried to ignore the horrible sounds she heard. She would listen as Lou Lou the Goose sang every day by the lake. "The words are just lovely", she thought, "but that singing, it sounds horrible!" "He needs practice", Nonna Bonna Bear said to herself.

Every day, like clock work, Lou-Lou the Goose could be found singing outside by the lake nearby where Nonna Bonna Bear lived. All Nonna Bonna Bear could do is try to ignore what she heard. But she couldn't.

One day, Nonna Bonna Bear found herself humming to the tunes as Lou-Lou the Goose's sang. "Oh my goodness!", she couldn't believe she actually started to like the horrible singing.

Nonna Bonna Bear wondered how she could help Lou-Lou the Goose sing well. "There's something missing", as she studied his voice. "Why yes, music!" Just then, Nonna Bonna Bear began to work all day and night making the perfect drum set to play along as Lou-Lou the Goose sang .

The next day, Nonna Bonna Bear anxiously waited for Lou-Lou the Goose to sing. Nonna Bonna Bear waited and waited ready to play. Holding the drum sticks tightly in her hands, she had the biggest smile showing all her teeth.

Just then, Lou-Lou the Goose started singing and Nonna Bonna Bear began to pound away on her newly built drum set. The music has never sound so nicely, Nonna Bonna Bear thought. She grinned from ear to ear pounding over and over on the drums.

The drums were very loud and noisy. Nonna Bonna Bear's family didn't like the drums played in the house. She too was told to play the drums outside nearby the lake. And she did as she was told and everyone was happy.

Lou-Lou the Goose began hearing horrible thumping sounds every time he began to sing. He stopped abruptly just in time to find out where the noise was coming from. Lou-Lou the Goose followed the sounds that led him directly in front of Nonna Bonna Bear. He stood right there in front of her and she continued pounding away on her drums, not once lifting her head up noticing that he was there.

Lou Lou the Goose politely asked, "If you don't mind, could you please lower the noise because I am trying to sing." Just then, Nona Bonna Bear slowly raised her head noticing Lou Lou the Goose. She quickly stopped playing the drums and was very embarrassed.

Nonna Bonna Bear asked Lou-Lou the Goose, "Can I help you?"

Lou-Lou the Goose replied, "Why, yes! Please lower that noise, I am trying to sing."

Nonna Bonna Bear began to explain to Lou-Lou the Goose how everyday she would hear him sing and how she thought she could help him by playing the drums. She thought it would be great if they could work as a team.

Lou-Lou the Goose agreed to listen as Nonna Bonna Bear played the drums. He even tried to sing as she played along. The more he listened, the more he liked it.

"I like it!" Lou-Lou the Goose exclaimed.

Nonna Bonna Bear was very relieved and quite happy to get a compliment like that.

They began to practice together again and again. After they practiced many, many times, they both felt confident enough to say they sounded great together.

Lou-Lou the Goose asked Nonna Bonna Bear to join him as they would perform for his family and her family. He explained how his family didn't like his singing and with Nonna Bonna Bear's help, he wanted to prove them wrong.

After gathering the families' altogether, Lou-Lou the Goose began to sing and Nonna Bonna Bear began to play the drums. Their families sat still. Their families remained still, as still as a log, leaving both Nonna Bonna Bear and Lou-Lou the Goose questionable on if the families were enjoying what they heard.

When the song was over, the families smiled and then they all stood up and applauded with delight. The family was very surprised how Lou-Lou the Goose and Nonna Bonna Bear sounded great together.

From that day forward, Lou-Lou the Goose and Nonna Bonna Bear began performing songs for their families from time to time. After each performance, they would await holding hands as their families stood and applauded. As they bowed hand in hand, just then they both realized how amazing it was that the more they played together, the better they got!

Janeece McCullough 06/17/2003

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