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Jamie Bernard

Born to a big family,
Yet lost and so alone
No where to call a safe haven
No where to call my home

Why did I feel empty?
As though I wasn't wholly complete
I knew that there was something missing
I was ready to accept defeat

I prayed to God in fervent cries
"My father why can't you see?
That I am missing something vital
And without it I may bleed.

Footprints upon footprints
You promised to carry the weak
But my father I am tired
And there are blisters on my feet"

I heard no response
The silence almost deafened my ears
Was I now all alone in my struggles?
Left to conquer my overwhelming fears?

I dreamt that night I was falling
From a cliff so high
I shrieked a tormenting cry to the Heavens
"Dear Father, don't let me die."

Then in one unforeseen moment
A hand reached out for me
And caught me in i's pillow like arms
And cradled me like a baby

I looked up expecting to see God
For this miracle seemed too great
But was startled to see the most man
Who had rescued me from my fate

His eyes, clear and crystalline
Seemed to pledge me a promise
That he would always be there to catch me
And never would he miss

I woke up rich with perspiration
Confused at this foggy dream
Was it just another sleeping thought?
What did this solemn decree mean?

I soon discovered its meaning
When I looked into your eyes
It was then I knew that you were different
From any other guy

Your laughter left me drunk and blissful
Your compliments left me high
I felt as though I could float from your compliments
As though I could fly into the sky

And this feeling was indescribable
But did wonders on my soul
Patches appeared all over my heart
That was once riddled with holes

I remembered the dream I dreamt that night
When all hope had fallen into a pit
And realized you were that angel
Who had encouraged me not to quit

And in that moment
When I recognized your face
I turned up to the Heavens
To feel my Father's embrace

In a long and tender hug
And a soft flick of his wrist
He wiped the lonely tear that streaked my cheeks
And blessed me with his kiss

He said "I sent you my most precious angel
To love you with all his heart
To mend your pain and sorrow
And kiss away the tears that start

For he is like the legs of a horse
That enables it to run
And he is like the rays of light
That categorizes the sun

And sweetheart he is your wings
That provide the means to soar
He will be your golden key
To unlock every door

And my daughter when you thought I'd left you alone
To fight the most gruelling feats
I was only searching for an angel
To make your soul complete."

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