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The Owl and the Mouse meet Smile


Jack Mann 

A childrenís poem

Oscar the Owl and Marvin the mouse
Left Samson alone one day
They decided to get some fresh air
And go outside to play

While walking in the woods away from the barn
Another strange creature they saw
It was very black and with a long tail
That hung over itís back like a claw

A white streak down the middle to the tip of its tail
Markings like they had never seen
But when they got close enough to get a smell
They thought it was being mean

From a distance they called to the creature they found
Whatís your name and why donít you bathe?
Iím Smiley the Skunk and I donít have to bathe
We are supposed to smell that way.

It protects me from my enemies
But it keeps all my friends away
I wish I could turn it off
So I could go with you and play

Well Oscar and Marvin decided to help
So they packed their noses with hay
And made a new friend, one more time
When the smell of Smiley went away

They learned a new lesson on their walk that day
Not to judge too quick from afar
It is not how a person looks or smells
That tells you who they are.

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