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The Owl and the Mouse meet Samson the Beast


Jack Mann 

A childrenís poem

One day Marvin woke up in alarm

Because of the noise outside the barn

The farmer that owned the barn covered with tin

Had pulled up front, in a truck with a pen

The farmer was unloading a baby you see

And put him in the barn where they all would be

Marvin didnít know how big animals could be

Compared to the mouse, it was big as a tree

Well it turned out that this very large babe

Was just a calf that its mother had made.

Marvin asked the calf if it had a name

And the calf said sure, my name is plain

Samson it is, and donít do me wrong

When I grow up, I will be very strong

Now Marvin knew that surely he would

And that a friend this big had to be good

So Oscar the Owl and Marvin the mouse

Got to know Samson that lived in their house

The farmer would feed Samson each day

And Samson would share his food where they lay

Marvin would share his cheese with the others

They lived together as if they were brothers

In sharing they learned how good it could be

If they lived together in peace and harmony!

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