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The Owl and the Mouse Get Names


Jack Mann 

A childrenís poem

The Owl and the Mouse in their home made of tin
Didnít have a name to call each other within

So they decided to pick a name for each
Because it would make them closer friends in speech

When you donít have a name to attach to a face
Then the one you are with lacks his place

So there is a lot in a name and it should be right
To match the feeling that he imparts on sight

Should the Owl be called Victor, Joe or Bill
Or maybe something more noble still

Like Lance or Arthur, or maybe even Payne
No, they sound too formal for a good friendís name

The perfect name was Oscar the Owl
And the mouse was happy with the name of his pal.

Now, it was time for the Owl to pick
A name for the mouse that he was sure would stick

Could it be Millie, Tilly or Jane you know
Since the mouse was a boy, I donít think so

There was only one name the Owl had for his friend
Marvin the mouse was the name he would lend

Now Oscar and Marvin could be closer still
Because they each had names that would fill the bill

For a name keeps a person from being a thing
And makes them feel special because of its ring.

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