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The Owl and the Mouse and the Big Apple Tree


Jack Mann

A childrenís poem

Episode six

One night while all were asleep in the barn
Stinky Snake and another were planing to do harm.

Out in the orchard where the red apples grow
Stinky had befriended a rat down below.

The ratís name was Dusty and hungry he had been
And Stinky had climbed out on a limb for his friend.

He had knocked down an apple so Dusty could eat
It fell out of the tree and landed at his feet.

ďNowĒ Stinky said, with an evil grin
you owe me a favor and Iíll tell you when.

The mouse that lives in the barn made of tin
Has an owl for a friend and I canít go within.

But if you will lure him out in the dark of the night
I will be able to grab him and relinquish my plight.

The mouse will make a banquet for me
And we will be even for what happened at the tree.

When the sun came up the next morning so bright
Dusty remembered the deal made with Stinky that night.

So he made his way to the barn made of tin
Slipped under the door and found his way in.

Oscar watched him from his perch at the head
As he made his way over to Marvinís bed.

Hi mouse, whatís up and how do you do
Just stopped for a visit, Iím just passing through.

My name is Dusty and by what are you known?
I am called Marvin he said with a groan

What brings you here said Marvin with care
As he watched the smelly rat move around with a stare

I wanted to see if you would like to go with me
Outside tonight to the big apple tree

We could pick some fruit and eat our fill
Even bring some back for the Owl, if you will

So Marvin told the Rat that he liked that part
He knew old Oscar liked fruit from the start

When it got dark, the Rat and the mouse
Slid under the door and out of their house

As they made their way toward the big apple tree
Marvin couldnít see, it was as dark as could be

Now Stinky was waiting because he made the deal
For Marvin to show up and serve him his meal

Stinky didnít know that this wasnít to be
Because Oscar the Owl was watching from the tree

Oscar and Stinky had locked horns once before
He wasnít about to let Stinky even up the score

Just as Stinky was about to make his play
Oscar flew down and saved the day

He picked up Marvin and took him back to the barn
And left old Stinky there without doing any harm

Marvin learned a lesson in his terrible fright
Bad deeds are usually covered by the darkness of night

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