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The Owl and the Mouse


Jack Mann 

A children’s poem

A long time ago in a very old barn
There lived an owl and a mouse
They didn’t get along very well
Because it wasn’t the mouse’s house

The Owl was big and mean you see
And the mouse was little and weak
So the Owl would chase the mouse around
To see what havoc he could wreak

One day while chasing the mouse about
The Owl flew into the wall
The Owl was hurt real bad you see
He couldn’t move at all.

Well the mouse felt sorry for the mean old Owl
And took pity on his condition
He brought him food and water
Until he could care for his own nutrition

So now the Owl and the mouse were friends
And they played all through the day
They helped each other through hard times
The way friends ought to stay

The next time a bully picks on you
Instead of getting mad
Do something very nice for him
And you surely will be glad

The Bible says “pour hot coals on their head”
Which means return good for bad
Making friends out of your enemies
Will never make you sad.

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