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The Little Kitty


Jack Mann 

A children's poem

There once was a kitty that lived in the city

And loved to play by the street

He walked up and down and looked all around

For the kids he wanted to meet

There was Billy and Millie, and Tom and Tillie

Charlie, Victor and Joe

That played so neat beside the street

Where the kitten was sure to go

The kittyís name was Sam you see

And proud of it he seemed to be

The kids would chase him down the street

To watch him climb a tree

Since the city was big and the trees were few

He sometimes would climb a pole

If near the park and it was dark

He would even dig a hole

One day in his haste to out run the kids

That he played with every day

He found more trees than had ever been seen

A very scary place to stay

There were other creatures he did not know

Like owls and snakes and bugs

They did not want to play with him

And give him all their hugs

So he was lonely and very sad

And wanted to go back home

Where the world was familiar and friendly

And he never more would roam

But how do I get there he seemed to think

As he wandered through the night

I donít know how I got here

As he thought of his scary plight

And just as he was about to give up

The thought of ever getting back

Along came a lady with a smiling face

And got him back on track

Are you lost little kitty the lady seemed to say

As she picked him up with care

I will take you back to my little kids

And you will have a home there

So soon the little kitty was back in the city

But much better off than before

For he had a new home with lots of friends

And a great deal of fun was in store

The moral to this story is simple you see

If you find yourself lost in space

Donít give up hope but look around

For a lady with a smiling face!

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