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The Last Living Saint


Jack Mann

For over 87 years there lived a lady of love

One who served others and asked nothing in return

She was a true hero of our time

Maybe the last we will ever have

This lady didnít seem to fit our modern lifestyle

With our throwaway society, even of babies and the elderly

She carried a message that we didnít really want to hear

Care for the sick and dying

Feed the hungry and less fortunate of the world

Show all of them love and compassion

She never asked for money

She only asked that we give of ourselves

I think she made us uncomfortable

Because she made us see what we should do

Lived in the slums with the people she helped

Ate the same food, whatever there was

This lady never lived in a castle like royalty

Was seldom seen on TV

Yet she received more respect than any king would

And captivated the United Nations with her Holy Glow

Her name was Mother Teresa of Calcutta

With one word, she could move mountains

Her touch could heal the world

Truly a modern day Saint

If we would only learn from her example

What a wonderful word it would be!

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