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The Downfall of Communism


Jack Mann 

Some seventy-five years ago a man by the name of Karl Marx put together the blueprint for a great society. Actually, the idea wasn’t anything new; it just had a new twist. The first century Christians had the same idea after Jesus Christ told them to share what they have so no one will want for anything. Many Christians have been living in similar communities ever since. 

Marxism had one great flaw that was eventually its downfall. Karl Marx believed that Religion was the opium of the people. After seeing all the havoc that Christianity has wreaked down through the centuries, it’s not hard to understand where this idea came from. He felt that it was a crutch and got in the way of the progress of human endeavours. His ideologies supported birth control, abortion and euthanasia. Religion got in the way of this. Little did he know that Communism could only work if everyone involved does it willingly and it has God at its centre. For years the people of the United States became so paranoid about this concept that what occurred rivalled the Salem witch trials. Anyone thought to have Communist connections was put on trial.

In the 1960’s another great man came up with the idea of a great society. John F. Kennedy wanted to start programs that would help the needy and equalize the balance of wealth in this country to some extent. This sounds like a great idea on the surface. Soon, taxes went up to support these programs. Just as happened with Communism, human greed started to take its grip on the American working class. In a few short years, 75% of the people were supporting the other 25% that couldn’t or wouldn’t work. Abortion on demand became a reality and euthanasia is raising its ugly head over the horizon. God has been taken out of the schools and every other part of public life. Does all this sound familiar? It should; Karl Marx couldn’t have planned it better himself.

If you put a frog in boiling water, he will jump out. If you put him in cool water and slowly turn up the heat, he will stay in until it is too late. This is what is happening to the American people. We are being fed communistic ideals a little at a time so that we can assimilate one before we are fed another. Soon the water will be too hot for us to get out. The first people to adopt Karl Marx’s ideals tried to put them into affect all at once by violent revolution and had a fight all the way. It is happening to us a little at a time and no one seems to care.

Adolph Hitler did a similar thing in Germany. Nazi idealism set forth the radical use of medical experiments on humans, birth control, euthanasia, abortion and many other unsavoury practices, and the western world was appalled. 

Are we not doing the same thing now? Even Hitler didn’t take religion out of public life. He just twisted the word of God to meet his own needs. We have preachers who are trying that too. Jim Jones and David Karesh were very good at it.

We look back through history and judge the actions of others by our own values. How are our descendents going to judge us? 

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