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I Wonder


Jack Mann 

Another shooting has taken place in Ft. Worth, Texas

Insanity in its purest form

Where have we gone so wrong?

Is it because machines are raising our kids,

With no one to control what they do.

Have we ceased to create a home for them?

Where they can grow up strong and moral

A home where both parents can give their time

And not just throw money at them

To work and play with them

And show them that we care

Hug them when they hurt

And correct them when they’re wrong.

Is this so very hard to understand?

Or do we just not care any more.

I wonder!

Why has life become so cheap for us?

The death of others seems less and less important

Does abortion play a part in this?

How about the movies we watch

And the games we play.

I wonder!

If all of us turn in our guns

And outlaw their production

Would that stop the killing?

I think not!

Dope is illegal to use and produce

But it can be bought on any street corner

What makes us think that guns would be different.

I wonder!

At least guns have some redeemable qualities

Such as protection and sport

No, taking away the guns is not the answer.

But the real answer may be hard to accept

Husbands, love, honor and respect your wives.

Wives, love, honor and respect your husbands

Parents, love, respect and discipline your children.

Will we be able to do this in order to save our children,

and ultimately our whole society?

I wonder!

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