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Jack Mann 

It was one month before Christmas

and all through the house

Everyone was stuffed with turkey

Even a fat mouse

A football game

was on the TV

And no one seemed to care

Who the winner would be

With a belly full of food

And a lot more to go

We would be eating it for a week

As all of you know

The dishes were stacked

In the sink with care

In hopes a volunteer

Would wash them there

You know what Iím saying

You know what I mean

Every one of us here

has made that scene

Now that itís over

Donít be too glad

What is right around the corner

Will make you sad

Christmas is coming

Now isnít that great

Go buy those gifts

Before itís too late

Spend all your money

And go in debt too

All of which is sure

To make you very blue

Where have we missed it,

The point I mean

We should be happy

In this joyous scene

Somewhere along the way

We took the wrong course

Itís just about time

We went back to the source

Christís Birthday it is

And it really should stay

So we can be happy

On that special day!

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