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A Frog Named Lee


Jack Mann 

A children’s poem

Ole Tyler had a toad frog and his name was Lee
He was happy as a frog could be

He hopped all around and said with a croak
Ole Tyler is a good kid and that’s no joke

Now Ole Tyler put Lee outside one day
so he could hop around and play

Well Lee got tired and took a nap
When he awoke he was in a trap

Some kids had dug a hole you see
and it was as deep as a hole could be

No matter how hard Ole Lee would try
He just couldn’t seem to jump that high

Well now it was starting to get very late
And Ole Tyler was worried about his frog's fate

He went looking around every tree
To see if he could find where Lee might be

You will never guess what had happened by then
Another frog had fallen within

This frog was different, it had a pretty smile
And a bow around it’s head you could see for a mile

Now Lee wasn’t sure he wanted to be found
He was beginning to like this hole in the ground

Ole Tyler gave up on his search for Lee
So he went back home as sad as could be

Lee found out that her name was Sue
And he didn’t know just what to do

They were stuck there for a very long time
And I have to figure how to end this rhyme

When the spring rains came and began to flow
Lee and Sue floated out of the home they know

Ole Tyler was happy to see Lee back home
And he knew that Lee never more would roam

Cause not only did Lee come home with a wife
He had something else that would change their life

Mary, Bill, Tony, Susie, Theodore, Sam, Milly………!

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