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From Where Thou Comest Love


Jacenta Aibangbee

Thou hath pierced my heart ye anxious grief
sting ye may
Thou hath given thee hope ye found relief
joy today
Desire churns thou bosom into a wrought
mold of clay
Hope flares and bitter pain she brought
all the way
Remember when dewdrops danced from thou brow
wiped away?
Remember thou journey of sweat and tears
night and day?
I come to awaken thee ambient
ray of sorrow
Moments are silenced with
meditations furrow
Tidal waves seas of ambition's defeat
now shall come
Serene as diamond oceans serenade
Enrichment portrays thou youth as a land that
does not end
Wait upon thou loathsome spirit dove as
it descends
In twilight quickened kisses sweeter than
Love will plunder when life goes retreat
bring more rain
Babylon cries her rivers making mighty
men fall
Blameless before the tempest
rendering mercy to all
Plagued by guilt o'er many legacies
passed away
Decked with silken fabrics of memories
as love decays
From where thou comest love
are ye here to stay?
Perhaps thou bringest thee regret
minutes of seconds hours in one day

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