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Sara Ann


J. L. Evans

The ways that I chose how could I have known,
my sweet little girl would never grow old.
She was the one ray of sun in my life,
Just me and her since I lost my wife,
She'd play by the street where grass wouldn't grow,
the crime it was rampant but where could we go.
We lived where we could the places were sad,
I quit some good jobs I never should have.
She'd say Daddy, how come we live in this place?
I'd give her some answer that hid my disgrace.

The car that drove by it moved very slow,
the guys that were in it I didn't even know.
I guess they were there to settle some score,
the bullets came flying as she ran for our door.
I picked her up gently and held her to me.
My baby's last words...I love you daddy.

The life that I ruined it wasn't just mine.
The guilt that's so deep as I lose my mind.
I keep a few things tied up in a sack.
My life has no meaning as it fades to black ...

"Homeless man found stabbed to death. Attempts to find any relatives were in vain.
Police found only a picture of a little girl simply marked ...Sara Ann "
April 3, 2000

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