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The Table


J Broyles

The moaning bell,
Alerts my senses to the smell,
Of the cafeteria some call "Mel".

The walk to get there,
Is long and fair,
Most are wondering,
If they have pears

But I am wondering,
What will commence,
Because somewhere ages,
And ages hence,
There is a table,
A table with a governance.

There I rule once,
Maybe twice a day,
To search for a common goal,
Be it what it may.

The Lunch Table,
In all its' splendor and beauty,
Can't in any sense,
Make anyone moody.

The battle torn plans,
Of World Domination,
Via, Rusian speaking penguins,
Leads most Canadians,
To assassination.

The request to those who govern,
May be denied,
But may be made law,
If it doesn't make a braw,
With the Law,
Of eighty-nine.

To define us as "insane",
Technically would be incorrect,
Because we don't try,
The same thing twice,
Rather, we try to perfect,
Our Creations,
Which many reject.

The table is filled,
With laughter to last for ages,
So much, in fact,
It puzzles most sages.

"I swear to Drunk,
I'm not God."
May be heard,
Depending on what has been said.
Though, it is funny, to see,
Who it has led,
To the conclusion,
We may need to be dead.

Alas, we are teenagers,
And teenagers hence,
Waiting for our lives,
To fully commence.

So as we wait,
For our life to embark,
On its' journeys,
So long and so far,
We wait like a child,
In it's mother's womb,
For our wings to spread,
And make a loud, Boom!

The table, you see,
Is a place where friends gather,
Usually, with a platter.

A platter filled to its brim,
With stories and tales,
Of our lives, so short,
But never the ones of,
"She broke up with him?"

The table is a place,
Often to most,
A place where,
Geeks and Nerds,
Gather to boast,
Of their "accomplishments",
Of killing Warlocks,
Dragons, and Ghosts.

This is true,
But don't try to outsmart us,
You see,
The lot of us are smarted,
Than you'll ever be.

So, if you dare to come,
To the table and laugh,
Don't sit where we sit,
Or you will be told,
"Go did in a fire," and we'll laugh,
And you,
Hope, Oh, Hope,
That you don't hear,
Footfalls behind you,
If you do,
Don't be alarmed,
Your "too cool" to receive any harm.

Here ends my story,
And here's the point,
That geeks are superior,
And the rest,
Are lower than the rest,
Of the rest.

If you don't get my point,
Don't be alarmed,
All you need to know,
Is you don't qualify,
To sit at our table,
With the stories and fables.

If you get my point,
Then here is a test,
Do you know what antidisestablishmentarnism is?
Can you spell it?
I thought not.
Now put it to rest!

Tribute: The lunch table that my friends and I gathered at everyday in middle school.

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