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Who I Am


Gweniva Stubbs

Who I am? The one that walk in the real world,
Gangster recreated in the thug girl.
Is it hard to recognize where my heart lie?
Look at TV and become hynotized by the media.
All these things they feeding yuh.
Had to control of my mind before I lose it deception,
awed by transgression and overcome by aggression.
A section of life hard session.
Give strength to weak with no question.
The strong who lived in a fantasy world.
Is like the sand that got washed upon the shore.
Who I am? This is a confession of innerself.
Surrounded by killers and drug dealers.
Searching for my identity sometimes defeats me.
But I REFUSE to become what the media wants me to be.
A QUEST to find my innerself God bless those who refuse to be succumbed and drowned in the same shade of water.
Proud to say, when you flip the quarter there's something different on the other side.
To All who ask themselves, "Who am I"
Don't look to the media to be supplied.
Self thought is the course of life like intercourse.
Ask yourself the question "Who am I?"
All my fellow teens in this course there is no test to study for.
Who am I?

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