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Are You a Teen?


Gweniva Stubbs

Do you walk in the school gate?
Watch your back for any up coming delay.
A hidden stash of venom and fear mixed in one.
Stalk the halls of the school quick to blow off like a gun.
Be rude in class?
When the teacher turns their back do you mutter kiss my a##?
Adults quick to condemn and run down you?
As if you don't have a right to mistakes.
Is your life boring, full problems or exciting?
Are you tired of lectures?
Counting down the days?
When your life of submission will end?
Heart set on college?
Controlling your own self planning on owning your cottage.
Are you presented with peer pressure?
Sometimes you feel like emotional, physical and sexual feelings will overcome you?
Don't you feel like telling your parents to shut the f*** up?
Wondering why they won't leave you alone?
Do they babble on about the same thing constantly?
'Til you stop listening and it goes in one ear out the next.
Are your parents planning your life?
Telling you what is it going to be like?
Don't u wish you could say "I WILL LIVE IT MY WAY!"
Won't give you a raise in your allowance?
Telling you to save. What are you going to save with $20 a week?
Better don't eat.
Do your parents knock your hobbies?
Expect you to do chores even when it's your day of.
Don't your parents compare you with other people's lives?
Treating you like a five year old?
Go in your room slam the door so bold?
Do they understand?
Do they try?
Do they listen?
Seeing things from one position?
If you say yes to these questions, congratulations. You are a teen!!!!!!!
My question from me to you -
"Will the torture ever end?"

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